Read what our clients have to say about their experience with ARC: 

“This program has taken me out of a very dark place in to the light!
I feel loved and forgiven, I am not alone.”

“I was allowed to feel my emotions no matter how extreme they were, I always felt safe and accepted.
I now feel forgiven.”

“The group leaders were insightful, helpful and tough in a positive way. They didn’t let me avoid the tough issues but encouraged me to face them.  They encouraged me with empathy and kindness.”

“I had no idea I was sitting on all this anger towards people in my life. After expressing it I felt a release and a freedom to move forward towards healing and forgiveness.”

“I am so thankful I made that first phone call.  I had a lot of misgivings about attending a group but am glad that I did. It was good to hear other hurting women’s stories and to be able to share my own story of abortion.”

“I wish there was more education for girls and young women involving the issues of sexuality, decisions and consequences of their actions. I believe if more women knew the truth about the destruction and pain abortion causes in the lives of many their choices would be different.”

“I am so thankful for the opportunity this program has given me, it has changed my life and my faith.”

“I had no idea I carried all this anger for the people involved in my abortion decision, I felt released from it when I talked about it with the group.  It gave me permission to forgive not only the people involved by also myself.”

“The facilitators have been through it, they met me where I was at and walked along side of me with compassion.”

“Even though it was difficult to come face to face with what I had done years before, I needed to speak it out and take ownership of the decision.”

“This whole healing experience has brought me closer to God!”