Peer Team

Our ARC Angel Team:


Karen is the Director of the Abortion Recovery Centre.

Karen graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Concordia University of Edmonton.  In 2012 Karen received her Death & Grief Certification from the Centre for Loss and Life Transition in Colorado.

She has a heart for women-especially for women who have experienced abortion and are anguished by the consequences of their choice. She desires to share her story of healing and freedom, so that others can find comfort, healing & hope. Karen encourages her clients to authentically mourn their abortion losses because to “live well” and “love well” requires that we “mourn well”. Karen recognizes that empowering women who have experienced abortion will create opportunity for them to change their way of thinking about themselves. This paves the way for women to become emotionally strong individuals who can go on to live a life of joy, meaning and purpose.


Linda has been involved with abortion recovery work since 1989. This is when she began her own healing journey by attending the post abortion healing group offered by the PCC. The healing and freedom she received was so life changing that her desire was to see other suffering women healed and set free as well.

Linda took the PCC volunteer training and over the years since then has volunteered at the centre in many different capacities; peer counsellor, speaker, board member, fundraising and since 2012 exclusively as an abortion recovery facilitator.

One of her favorite verses is Romans 8:28. It says that ‘all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purposes.’ It underscores the reality that God can take any bad decision we make and the resulting loss and brokenness and turn them around to be used for good and even to bring joy. It is now my joy and honor to lead broken women like I was, to the wholeness that can only be found through the ultimate healer, Jesus Christ.


Tami finished her training in post abortion care and is now a part of the ARC team.  Having had her own abortion almost 40 years ago she has a genuine compassion and empathy for women who have experienced abortion grief.  Tami also draws on her experience as a Life Coach. She believes it is possible to live the unforced rhythms of God’s grace and is honored to journey alongside others while they discover God’s healing love.

Tami is married and has two grown children, a son, a daughter, a daughter in-law and six grandsons. Life is full, fun, exciting and challenging all at the same time.


Andrea came to ARC as a practicum student in the fall of 2016. Andrea is currently completing a Graduate program in Counselling.

She has been fortunate to have people who invested themselves in her and they have been instrumental in her healing and growth. Andrea’s desire is to support and empower women to become everything they are intended to be.

To help women find healing and wholeness is her passion and ARC is grateful to have her as a part of the peer team.


Pam came to the Abortion Recovery Centre in 2013 as a client and went through her healing in a group setting.

Pam completed her ARC training in 2019 and is passionate about the restoration she received at ARC and desires to extend her experience she received to others who are experiencing post abortion stress.

Pam has an authentic and dynamic personality that brings genuine love and empathy to all she meets.


Angela is married and has two young children. Angela has her Master’s in Communication from the University of Alberta. Angela finished her Abortion Recovery Training in 2019 and looks forward to companioning women in a group or in a one on one setting. 

Angela speaks Spanish and is available to operate sessions in Spanish. Angela has a passion to see the broken-hearted healed, especially women who are distressed from their abortion decision. Having experienced abortion herself Angela knows from her experience the trauma that can come from abortion. Angela is a gentle, warm and courageous woman who brings compassion and kindness to her sphere of influence.

Our Team

*A previous client loved our services so much she sent a thank you card and addressed it to my “ARC ANGELS” so we thought it was a fitting name for our team.