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Our ARC Angel Team:


Linda Menon ARCLinda has been involved with abortion recovery work since 1989. This is when she began her own healing journey by attending the post abortion healing group offered by the PCC. The healing and freedom she received was so life changing that her desire was to see other suffering women healed and set free as well.

Linda took the PCC volunteer training and over the years since then has volunteered at the centre in many different capacities; peer counsellor, speaker, board member, fundraising and since 2012 exclusively as an abortion recovery facilitator.

One of her favorite verses is Romans 8:28. It says that ‘all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purposes.’ It underscores the reality that God can take any bad decision we make and the resulting loss and brokenness and turn them around to be used for good and even to bring joy. It is now my joy and honor to lead broken women like I was, to the wholeness that can only be found through the ultimate healer, Jesus Christ.


Peer team - abortion recoveryHolly lives in the Edmonton vicinity with her husband and dog Oscar. She has raised three step children who are now grown adults. She enjoys traveling, singing, and walking in the outdoors with her puppy. Her passion is to help women who are troubled with their choice of abortion. She is also a victim of abortion and has received complete healing over the last twenty five years.
She has been trained in the Abortion recovery program, and is available to companion women either by one on one peer counselling and/or Skype and Face Time.


I can’t believe it’s nearly 30 years since this journey began for me. Over the years I have been fortunate toPauline like 1 (1) represent the Centre in different capacity such as speaking at the banquets, helping with the Annual Walk for Life and other fundraising events, presenting at schools, churches and community groups.  Currently my main role is Peer Counsellor and Abortion Recovery Centre councilor. I’ve gained much wisdom and understanding over the years and still continue to learn with each client I meet.  My time at the Centre has been my Ministry to my city and province. The Lord has allowed me to be there for my clients through some difficult times. “I trust He will direct me.” Proverbs 3:5-6


karenKaren is married, she has two dogs and three children, a son and two daughters – one daughter was a casualty of abortion. Twenty-two years ago she received healing after joining an Abortion Recovery healing group offered at the Pregnancy Care Centre.

She graduated university in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Karen started working at the Pregnancy Care Centre in 2005 after holding a volunteer liaison position with the Pregnancy Care Centre for nearly 15 years. In 2009 she became the Abortion Recovery Centre Coordinator. Since that time she has graduated from the Center for Loss & Life Transition with a Death & Grief Studies Certification.

Karen has a heart for women-especially for women who have had abortions and are anguished by the consequences of their choice. Karen’s desire is to offer comfort, healing, and hope to women experiencing distress from a past abortion.


ARC Angels like

*A previous client loved our services so much she sent a thank you card and addressed it to my “ARC ANGELS” so we thought it was a fitting name for our team.