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Our mission statement is:

 Reconciling Loss * Finding Hope

 The Abortion Recovery Centre (ARC) was established to assist women who have had an abortion in their past and who are experiencing difficult emotional reactions to their abortion. Since 1984, we have provided our services under the non-profit agency of the Pregnancy Care Centre (PCC). In 2009 we separated our post abortion services from the PCC in order to better serve the needs of the post abortion community. The Abortion Recovery Centre is guided by the principles and statements of the Pregnancy Care Centre. ARC collaborates with the PCC’s staff, volunteers and Board of Directors.

The Abortion Recovery Centre staff and peer volunteers do not have academic degrees in counselling, nor are we licensed professionals. We are client advocates; we companion our clients through the painful and (sometimes overwhelming) emotional reactions to their abortion decision. All of our peer supporters have experienced abortion in their past themselves and have walked that journey of pain. We are a companion, friend and support person in the reconciliation process. Our peer volunteers are trained in-house to facilitate our grief groups and/ or one on one sessions. All volunteers and staff are required to adhere to the principles, policies and statements of the PCC.

The Abortion Recovery Centre follows the philosophy of the companioning model of grief care.

We are a Christian based, non-profit agency.

  • All our services are FREE and confidential.
  • Donations are welcome.

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The Abortion Recovery Centre is a non-profit, Christian based agency serving anyone experiencing post abortion distress.

  • We value each woman who comes to us and so your journey too is significant. The Abortion Recovery Centre is a place of refuge, a sacred place where you can be free to share your feelings of profound loss without judgement.
  • The Abortion Recovery Centre central role is to honor your story by offering hospitality. Henri Nouwen noted that “hospitality is not a subtle invitation to adopt the lifestyle of the host, but the gift of a chance for the guest to find his own.”
  • The Abortion Recovery Centre staff and peer volunteers do not have academic degrees in counselling, nor are we licensed professionals. Therefore, the group sessions and/or individual sessions are not intended as a substitute for professional counselling. We offer information, emotional, and spiritual support as well as practical help.