Abortion & You

We know that abortion is one of the most difficult topics to talk about – just getting started is sometimes the most hardest part. Our trained client advocates are here to help you. It is important to speak to someone experienced in post-abortion grief recovery because many professionals may not fully understand the issues you may be facing. Our Abortion Recovery Sessions can help you move from pain and loss; to a new opening, a new beginning. It is possible to have hope for the future.

The effects of abortion trauma can affect entire families and it doesn’t discriminate based on social status, age, religion, education, gender, or ethnicity. Thankfully, neither does recovery.

If you are weighed down with grief, guilt or shame because of a pregnancy loss due to a past abortion, please know that you are not alone and we want to help.

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Catherine Sanders, Ph.D. in her book “How to Survive the Loss of a Child” states:
Like miscarriage, induced abortion is not considered to be a source of grief. Unlike miscarriage, abortion is usually kept secret and carries with it a sense of guilt and shame. Society gives those who go through an induced abortion no liberty to acknowledge grief or loss. Needless to say, society at large rarely helps a woman deal with her loss when she has chosen abortion. Even when the abortion is performed for medical reasons, people sympathize with the mother by telling her how lucky she is not to be having an unhealthy baby– they do not comfort her in her loss.”